The Bosporus is one of the rare straits having its own special name in the world. Have you seen this wonder of nature with that has witnessed wars of dominance throughout history, and been a saga of beauty right on it?

The Bosporus Tour offers you the opportunity to watch both shores of Istanbul from the sea, while allowing you to experience the unique feeling of being on the sea. With the Bosporus Tour, you can rediscover this unique beauty that connects two territorial seas and two continents of the world.

Our Bosporus Tour activity covers all points allowed for cruise tours on the Bosporus. Our cruises, where you can see all the locations on both shores, include swimming breaks during summer, but we can do the Bosporus Tour in every period of the year. Of course, as in every tour, the weather and sea conditions should not threaten the safety of navigation. In that case, we do not make our tours.The Bosporus Tour is not a small tour that we organize at a certain point in the Bosporus. You can also see the locations you want by renting our yachts hourly in order to make the Bosporus Tour. At this point, the only limiting factor will be the legal boundaries and weather conditions.

  • Min 2-hour charter of a private yacht on the Bosphorus for a sightseeing cruise
  • All necessary crew on board
  • All cruise fuel
  • All VAT and taxes
If you participate in our collective tours, the widest possible route is followed. We have made everything ready for you to have fun on our tours that we visited all the location to be seen in the north and south of the point of departure. We have music systems in our yachts and lighting for night tours. Of course, if you wish, you can combine the Bosporus Tour with a feast, show your guests around Istanbul on this tour, and let them watch Bosporus right on it.


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